Subject: responce
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2008 05:17:01 +0100

How long people which you unenploy keep the fade that democracy is nonsense?
We should have a meaning in fade so when you answer to me I supose you belive in my words. So now I trust you like in Arcangel answer me please what is a difference between blasphemy and sin against a Holy Spirit? You should know that what it meen . And question : Where have you been when We was fighting with Dangerous people in the house risk sometimes health and life?  Of course i don't want to understate your person; And last question : I'm polish, I'm not speak good in english so excuse me if something is not understand for you, but however back to a question did you read an internet informations and works on websides of gaderummet? Because its nessesery to understand our meening. You can clik using a mouse( 2 times in that velvet tekst) If you didn't read about gaderummet on internet I can print and send you a letter by a post
 and one example:  In Poland there is an organization called Solidarity and during the time when they was haved clashes with people from the old system they was live in one group and they was haved one idea, but after taking power they crash themself and there ware victims, Lech Walesa and Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski( they both has paradoxed situation , both are attacked by enemies now  . I'm observer and I see the situation can be the same  with your relation with Kalle . So you need to be worry, because I supose that your new aparath of power in Gaderummet will crash the same like Solidarity in Poland 20 years ago.
Kalle is good person on his place and already you crash his place instead of help. Look back at history and try to find resolution.. The most important thing is that Lech Walesa didn't hate Wojciech Jaruzelski but 10 milions of inflamed  people haved trauma of that what was happend.
So keep Kalle and his office with his own people and help him instead of risk loose your own authority,You don.t have any guarantee that your administration will keep Gaderummet better, More! It's not possible for a new people to keep Gaderummet in peace.
Keep Kalle and help him then you will  keep your face and you will win then your fight with Satan. That's my opinions and sugestions.
Is that email is your private? because I suspect that's somebody can manipulate your post box
Good morning

Pawel Wasik