Subject: SV: hi hello
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2008 13:59:37 +0100
To: 2008-22973


Dear Pawel Wasik,


Thank you for your new email - again expressing your concern about the future of "Gaderummet".


Referring to my email of August 20th I do not believe there is anything new to add to the matter.




Mikkel Warming




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Sendt: 3. november 2008 06:45
Til: Mikkel Warming
Emne: RE: hi hello

I'm worry about you men. I disagree your decision about Gaderummet

Do you know what kind of therapy is used in Gaderummet (instead of medicine therapy)?? It’s healing. At really its healing … you can trust me. Kalle is a healer (don't listen an provocation against him, all are maded by hand of antichrist: a lies, intrigues maded by men who hate him and disturb him all the time when Kalle was work at the Gaderummet.
That men was jalouss about Kalle's work place and he propose to Kalle something like '' paid protection deal'': He said about him many rumors to many competent people in danish society) Kalle was disturbed by him over all time when he visit a house and the same it's now ...................... .....
But what is your point of untrust to Kalle ?
He is a master for that house, he always was take care about people around him, even if he risk a cariere, reputation ;all his live..
He never put your live in risk, he always take care about health society, he was work for your good being in Denmark. Kalle Birch Madsen in fact is a pretending to be a Saint In Live. in my opinion he is Saint and he have a permission from God to work in Gaderummet.
I'm hiv-positive. I started live in the house 2 years ago. At first I build my own room in the Martin's kitchen. How ever I was try 2 years ago start live normal / my life was really difficult / and Gaderummet frigøre me and push me to survive and gave me the help hand, what i used. After 5 months work in company KOMDIS (where i was work 7 days in the week almost and around 9 to 10 hours per day -  that's reality of work in that kind of companies - i was get sick when i delivered newspapers in difficult districts and after finish i was delivery the newspapers also after people who didn't came to work.  So I'm just introduce a little myself because i want to explain you "mess in administration". 
I left a komdis to start realize my plan. That period you have described in Bilag  2007-08-15 Pawel og de hjemløse på gaden...  Please read this 
And one thing: i don't know if you know that but this is good therapy and lesson for you of very creative men:
Dr.Klik session 
ok I will finish that letter oh and one video clip:


Pawel Wasik