New programs 2008-09

News from Penglars Corner about treatments of human being

Just thought you all might be interested in looking at some of my programs on TVGaderummet the past few months, Especially the first program about Guantanamo events here last week. I've also included Henrik's poet doc about Peter Glaser because it is just so damned good. Would love to get feedback/comments/criticism. And please forward to anyone involved in the programs, or who just might be interested. Are you our audience?
Hugs, Paul
P.S. Many more programs (including many from Det poetiske Bureau) are accessed on www.tvgaderummet.info - of course....

Amnesty/Det Poetiske Bureau's demos and events to mark the 7th year of the Guantanamo prison. Jan 11-12, 2009
Murat Krunaz was a prisoner at Guantanamo for five years. He participated in Amnesty's demo outside the US Embassy in CHP. Press conference at Park Café. Members of PB read from Murat's book "Five Years of My Life" and poems from a collection by Guantanamo prisoners.
Jacob Holdt and Rune Engelbrect's video letter to Barak Obama about racism in Denmark. 
For et anstændigt Danmark demo Jan 10, 2009 at Christiansborg protesting the poor treatment of refugee's by the Danish government.
And Pawel gives us a reggae video.
"Against the Cold, Against the Wet, Against the Dark"
Poetic documentary by Henrik J. and Peter Glaser.
American Peter was homeless in DK until recently. A poetic look at the meeting with the street and the well-intentioned people from the community who are trying to 'help' the homeless.
Gaderummet's demo for diversity (mangfoldighed) Dec 18, 2008. Speeches at Rådhuset by representatives from Christiania, Det Poetiske Bureau, Bolsjefabrikken, among others.
Jacob Holdt and Rune Engelbrect's video letter to Barak Obama about racism in Denmark.
Warhol Sreets by Pawel. Poetic view of the life of a homeless street musician in mid-winter CPH.
TVGaderummet's Christmas Special:
Pawel sings "Silent Night" in Polish in front of the shell left behind on Rådmandsgade after Gaderummet was put on the street.
Bolsjefabrikken's party in December featuring a puppet show by Brunette Bro's and Secret Freund.
Gaderummet is put on the street. Nov. 21, 2008
CPH Kommune gets the police to put Gaderummet's residents and volunteers on the street.
Pawel's short videos from the period just before the eviction.
Kalle speaks out.
Inside look at a house meeting in Gaderummet just days before the eviction. Interview with Kalle Birch Madsen on Gaderummet's treatment by CHP Kommune.