Hi all...
Just want to say that I am sorry about all the problems with the upload on the site. Lokal TV is in the middle of a format shift from the old DV formats to the new HD formats. This means that TVG's two broadcasts about Åben Dialog (Laplandsmodelen) are now avaible on the site, but unfortunately the widescreen format has been compressed into the old square format. The people in the videos aren't really that skinny....
BUT if anyone needs a high quality copy of the broadcast, please contact me, or stop by Det Poetiske Bureau on Griffenfeldsgade 55 and copy from the pc in the cellar (TVGaderummet's folder on the desktop).
Just to make it clear - these two broadcasts are essentially rough cuts - I've tried to leave them as long as possible, so that as much information as possible could be passed along to those with a serious interest. That means the demand a little concentration from the viewer. Two shorter versions will be available later. Please contact me with any criticism or praise or comments you may have.
Paul Englar

TVGaderummet 23.sept.09
1. Åben dialog. Laplandsmodellen 60min tvg214
2. Paneldiskussion Laplandsmodellen 60min tvg215