Poet from feeling the new times in Nødrummet, Rådmandsgade


Safe return no longer exists!
My house has no heart!


24. Marts 2009



Lawlessness - unlimited freedom, the internal law of the creation of a "people",
anarchy right fist!
First come, first served

Psychoactive substances
why not!
People like Zombie, not alive but walk

Have blind eyes, to see despite the fact
"What kind of house, can someone tell me?!

In which miracle am I here...

This is not my house already
this monster, who wants to devour me!


I seated at the table and feel?!
Cold emptiness scare full to Fearful, spiritual death
house, where I am   is dead
Dead my safe haven 


Keep on searching around I see nothing, feel nothing
Life is like a bird locked in a cage
Black hole draw sun 
Enclosed in a bird cage! 
missing freedom
without it dying!
Safe return no longer exists!
My house has no heart!
It has been rooted up 
mental death gather toll
except me

in this house there are 
circulate lost souls - people-mirrors
One dimension mirrors - unilateral

You can see only yourself