From: Mikkel Warming

Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2008 3:52 PM

To: pawel wasik

Subject: SV: Hello Mister 2008-22973


Dear Pawel Wasik,


Thank you for you email expressing your concern about the future of"Gaderummet".


Let me assure you that The Social Services Committee wants Gaderummet to continue as an open and alternative place for young people with social problems.

In order to ensure this, The Social Services Committee has requested that Gaderummet works together with the other public services, such as doctors and nurses in the medical and psychiatric branch. Unfortunately the former leader of Gaderummet was not willing to do this, which finally led to The Board of the Gaderummet sacking him in May 2007.


The former leader has not been willing to accept his firing, and is not willing to leave Gaderummet. This is most regrettable, since it’s stopping The Social Services Committee from continuing Gaderummet and the work that is being done there.

As a consequence of this unfortunate situation The Social Services Committee has raised the issue to the court in order to impose the former leader to leave the premises.


As soon as he leaves, we will be able to continue Gaderummet as an open and alternative place for young people offering them relevant services and treatment according to their own needs and wishes.


If you really care about the young people who need the services of Gaderummet, you should write to the former leader and ask him to leave the premises in order for the important work done by Gaderummet to be continued.



Mikkel Warming




Fra: pawel wasik []
Sendt: 11. august 2008 14:05
Til: Mikkel Warming
Emne: Hello Mister

I would like to ask you is it possible to get a union between you and Gaderum team and fallow with it in Soul of civilization and huminity. In my opinion the house on rådmandsgade should exist, cause have on the arms lot of humility things which don't have a resolutions  in other parts of Danish system of social. Gaderummet help and also  need a help from goverment. Gaderummet have an excuse and expect excuse from goverment. Please help us.
People work for free so take care of them. Bye    

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